Shawn Dennison + Band Play Sinatra @ Vini Culture – May 31, 2019

Shawn Dennison (Vocals), David Fanning (Piano), Paul Wilson (Drums), Howard Burns (Sax) and Matt Lewis (Bass) delivered informal and unforced renditions of Sinatra classics along with other song from bygone eras of jazz and swing. The Vini Culture crowd responded greatly to the performance and the space was ideal for the subtle details that the band provided through gentle and precise drumming, intricate keyboard playing, expansive and roomy basslines and impressive and sincere saxophone pieces. Sinatra songs are a tall order for singers to live up to but Dennison eases his way in through a comforting and easygoing persona that was always seen from any member of the Rat Pack; That is followed with heartfelt and genuine singing that contains poise and skill through smooth velvety vocals and the more belted out ones.

Author: whatisfrederick

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