L7 w/Le Butcherettes @ Fillmore Silver Spring – May 28, 2019

L7 arrived onstage and Donita Sparks proclaimed, “If you’re looking for trouble you came to the right place.” – The band then launched into what was a phenomenal set of songs where the heavy energy and fun never stopped.

“Andres”, “Everglade” and “Fuel My Fire” were standout songs and crowd favorites early on.

“Our encore will be performed completely in the nude” Sparks jokes.

What may have been most impressive was the band’s  (Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner, Jennifer Finch, and Demetra Plakas) natural energy and obvious chemistry. It’s truly a pleasure to see this band, especially with all the headbanging and natural stage moves they each possess.

A newer song called “Fighting The Crave” was executed brilliantly, even if it took the band retrying the song after messing it up on the first attempt. Most importantly, the band was having fun.

The night was filled with liberating statements for women from the group’s female powerhouses.

“Stadium West”, “Freak Magnet” and “Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago” were among the heavy-hitting songs later on.

An insanely powerful version of “Shitlist” closed the band’s terrific set.

Coming back for an encore, the band ended the night on three absolute bangers: “American Society”, “Fast and Frightening” and of course the amazing “Pretend We’re Dead”, which I knew from playing the rock band videogames all throughout my younger years.

As Sparks and the band left the stage she passionately said, “Be kind to one another… and fuck shit up!”

I only knew a handful of songs before the show, but after seeing this incredible group deliver solid rock/punk songs with indestructible riffs and pure unadulterated emotion/actions, I was hooked and forced myself to listen to more of them.

Le Butcherettes – Artsy rock with a Kate Bush/Tori Amos vibe singing-wise but with some punky noises/screams and a psychedelic feel. Chaotic solos dominate the heavy indie along with doses of electronic (keyboard), hard-hitting and unforgiving drums, direct bass and out of control guitar. The band delivered a dazzling stage show and a performance full of unexpected delights and sporadic movement.20190528_19500020190528_19500120190528_20023020190528_20023120190528_21031020190528_21031120190528_21472620190528_214727(0)20190528_214727

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