Marzy Maddox/Sideshow Cinema/Marshal Fuzz @ Café Nola – May 24, 2019

Marshal Fuzz – Hard rock at its finest. Countless reviews of this band are on the website and of course I have a personal connection having played drums in the band as well. These guys get around – after this NOLA set they made their way over to Guido’s to play again that night. As a unit you can see Marshal Fuzz a number of times and have totally unique experiences; They’re not afraid to display face melting solos that reach new heights, different drum beats throughout similar parts of songs and basslines that lay down the funk or rhythmically drone. Suli is the best at crowd dialogue and interaction, always keeping the energy going.

Sideshow Cinema – Hardcore rock/metalcore with screamy vocals, monstrous riffs, thunderous drums and nonstop bass runs. This band is loud, full of chaotic energy and musical insanity in the form of hard-hitting and unforgiving metal with a technical edge.

Marzy Maddox – Started off with a slow transcendental spacey jam before they delved into true form with rock/metal influenced by a prog rockers and harmonies that are reminiscent of pop-punk. Double-bass drums drive along, steady guitar riffs dominate and the basslines give off a rhythmic perimeter – the vocals go anywhere from heartfelt and airy to raw with powerful yells.


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