Thomas Faison “Phase Change Act II” Art Installation (w/Ashley Hoffman) – (Pics + Video)

Act II of Thomas’s Faison’s “Phase Change” at the Frederick Arts Council’s Pop-Up Gallery (11 West Patrick Street) – (Hours are 10 AM-4PM Weekdays)

The last three photos are of Ashley Hoffman’s photography series created in conjunction with Faison’s work.20190522_153453

Info about the artists from Facebook: Artist Thomas Faison is a filmmaker and installation artist living and working in Frederick. His films have been featured in film showcases and festivals in Baltimore, Ann Arbor, Chicago, and Frederick. His installation artwork has been featured in artist run spaces throughout Baltimore and he is the co-founder of the Baltimore Student Film Showcase, now operating within the Maryland Film Festival.

Ashley Renee Hoffman is a film photographer born and raised in Frederick, Maryland. Her photographs serve as means to understand the human condition, spirituality and our relationship with Nature. Most of her work is made in the Appalachian region, exploring both the vast beauty and conflicts on an ethical and environmental level. Hoffman joined Faison as he produced the video opera, finding and photographing alternative perspectives of the event. Her work will be on display and for sale in the lobby and halls of the gallery building.

The exhibit is made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) gallery and it is also sponsored by Market and Research Resources (M&RR). The space is provided in-kind by the Ausherman Family Foundation.


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