Nan Tykhe/Flo Petite/The Fun Boys @ Sky Stage – May 18, 2019

After about an hour rain delay, the puddles of flood water inside sky stage were removed by those dedicated people who make sky stage awesome. All the attendees were patient and didn’t seem to mind the delay. Plus, the water was absolutely delightful afterwards.

Nan Tykhe – Transcendental and emotional songs delivered with beautiful finger picked guitar and a voice that can show the ultimate vulnerability through the most powerful singing you’ve ever heard. Gloomy and dark indie songs with a twisted folk feel- most importantly full of passion. Each song contains lyrical pain within the most cathartic musical journey you can experience.

Flo Petite – If all of my favorite female fronted 90s alternative rock acts created a supergroup it would sound like Flo Petite. Having seen the duo (guitar and drums/glockenspiel) numerous times now I can assure you they lack NOTHING in appeal or sound. Amplified, cranked and just the right amount of in your face. Flo has an amazing singing voice that can be angsty and also positive but ultimately always genuine – Her guitar playing is solid and simplistic and Phil DiMercurio’s drumming is influenced by so many different styles that every song is entertaining with no dull moments. “Are you ready for the glockenspiel, Phil?”. This time the band performed a unique and rocking cover of the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?”

The Fun Boys – After soundcheck the band took a moment to run out so they could all dress in the same attire and rad sunglasses. The most important thing to The Fun Boys is making their music surprisingly raucous and sporadic while still sounding amazing. They mix wild alternative rock with nearly every genre (funk, jazz, soulful, punk.. – it’s all FUN) along with performance art in a sense, especially impromptu comedic bits or songs made up on the spot. The show goes at such an insane pace that you aren’t focusing on anything but the band. Just when I think frontman Sam Whalen has shown me the craziest dance/stage moves I could ever see, he breaks put even more new ones. One of their songs even contained an intro with a stimulating cover of Foo Fighters’ “All My Life”. The crowd even demanded an encore which the band delivered quickly as the 10 PM noise ordinance closed in.


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