Cannibal Corpse/Amon Amarth/Lamb of God/Slayer @ Merriweather Post Pavilion – May 14, 2019

Cannibal Corpse – They tore up the Merriweather stage. Blistering guitar solos, heavy and unforgiving drums, yelling screams in place of vocals and bass that pounds.

“This is the song to bang your head to – try to keep up with me… you’ll fucking fail” said singer George “Corpsegrinder Fisher. – Fisher’s head twirling/headbanging the entire show was jaw dropping and astonishing.

Amon Amarth – From Stockholm, Sweden the viking metal band had the front of a ship as a rad stage addition. Chunking riffs and dual guitar solos, solid drumming and a powerful scratchy growly voice to top it all off. – “We’re here to fucking viking party with you guys. Are you ready to feast like fucking vikings?!” said singer Johan Hegg. Hegg smashed a giant hammer and demanded the audience to raise their horns and drink (he had a real horn he was drinking from that was in some sort of sheath on his belt.. This band has a cool stage show.

Lamb of God – (Richmond, VA) Crazy distorted riffs, booming bass, double bass dominated drumming and incredibly forceful vocals charge the music. The on stage energy is contagious and gets the metalhead crowd going, creating the gnarliest circle pits of moshing. Singer Randy Blythe engaged the crowd by getting to do a “Ric Flair” woo before joking that the crowd “Could be here or watching America’s got no talent or some shit.” “Walk with Me in Hell” was the standout song for me.

Slayer – The pioneering thrash metal legends delivered a long and powerful set. Shredding guitars with perfect tone were followed by driving bass and drumming with the perfect attack. Singer Tom Araya’s impressive technical vocals are still as badass as ever. Pyrotechnics and an ever changing backdrop adding to their dimension of heavy sounds. The band was tight and on time every single song and the crowd was headbanging and throwing up the devil horns while reciting the lyrics. A fitting goodbye for such an amazing band – everyone got their money’s worth, no doubt.


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