Lock Smith @ Songbyrd Music House and Record Café (DC) – May 5, 2019

Lock Smith (one of my brother and I’s favorite rappers) delivered a more than stellar performance at Songbyrd Music House and Record Cafe on Sunday night.

Songbyrd is such a cool place. Upstairs you have a cafe with records as well as a small stage for indie performers (there was music on both floors) and downstairs you have the dedicated venue space that’s intimate as it gets (capacity of 200 people).

Lock Smith’s persona and energy were absolutely contagious. The crowd reacted in awe as he showed off his amazing skills with bars and rhymes.

Mid-way through his set he became a little irritated with a pole that obstructs some of the audience’s view, so he came off the stage and performed three of four songs directly in the crowd! He rapped directly to my brother and I as well as interacted with others in the crowd. He asked everyone to get down as low to the floor as possible and then he got the place bouncing as everyone jumped with him during a beat drop in one of his songs.

What’s most notable was Lock discussing his belief that rap/hip-hop should discuss real emotional experiences instead of the typical “cars and money”. Lock Smith then performed a song discussing his experience with sexual assault which he deems in the chorus as “the hardest song he ever had to write”. This song, along with many others full of personal lyrics really connected with the audience. Lock expressed the importance of getting help from someone when you need it, asking the audience to raise their hands if they’ve ever felt way. “You all should be proud of yourselves because you made it here through all the obstacles of life… some people weren’t as lucky.” – Lock Smith

My brother and I met Lock Smith after the show and he couldn’t have been nicer as he took a minute to talk with us/snap a photo.


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