Dumb Valley (First Show+Release Show)/Beatnik Termites/Luna @ Café Nola – April 20, 2019

Luna – Delicate and emotionally fragile songs that are dominated by an incredibly powerful voice and hopeful guitar chords.

Beatnik Termites (Listen)- 60s rock/surf/pop influences their sound and mixes with dashes of light punkiness. The whole band sings and harmonizes well and every instrument is dialed in tight. Each song maintains simplicity and catchiness. They appear to have a long storied history since 1987 (even opening for Green Day!) so their amazing sound makes sense. Their high energy never stopped throughout the entire set. – A must see band!

Dumb Valley (Listen) – Album release and first show. Evan Owens and Trevor Williams (previously from Cheshi) Caleb P. Rose and Matt Henry (Cosmic Halitosis/Baby Razors). Solid, bashing and unforgiving rock gives way to power pop. Loud guitars playing powerful riffs and blistering solos, melodic bass with depth and abrasive drumming all mesh. Fast and steady songs build until they run straight into a crashing ending. 70s rock influence makes itself evident and they even cover “Southern Girls” by Cheap Trick. Raw power.. After their last original song they immediately launched into a cool cover of “Monkey Gone to Heaven” by Pixies.


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