Mokoomba @ New Spire Stages – April 16, 2019

New Spire Stages is now equipped with risers for the seats which has really unlocked the full potential of the space.

Mokoomba – A group that deems themselves “afro-fusion”. They started off the set with each member coming out separately and building on the rhythm and sound until the vocals kicked in. Music of this nature combines every element that makes you want to bounce and dance. You always find yourself tapping your foot uncontrollably.

Tribal percussion dominates the sound and is responsible for the addictive rhythms. Congas, cajun, shakers and more follow their own paths but ultimately converge into an expansive soundscape.

Spacey/reverb entranced guitar mixes with the grooving bass to take you to a dimension of funky that you’ve never heard before.

Vocals full of energy and soul are delivered from all the members and the energetic frontman also delivers positive energy through his ecstatic dancing; the other members follow in his steps.

Each song builds until it reaches a catapulting finish.

The natural flow and delivery of the band makes everything so pleasing to the ear as it’s in its most organic form – This is why you become mesmerized by the act and it makes the crowd stand up to dance non-stop.

This group is UNSTOPPABLE and they take control of your mind – making the audience get on their feet, engage in clapalongs and truly feel the music.

Mokoomba not only amazes with instruments but they also break into acapella tunes or just vocals accompanied by drumsticks hit together by all the members.. it leaves you in awe. They’re a band full of surprises.

A show like this reminds you of how music is a universal language – Even though the lyrics themselves are in another language you can feel and develop your own interpretation through every word.

The highlight was when the band invited audience members on stage to dance – People can be hesitant and fearful to do such a thing but the group encouraged them as they came on stage and left their worries behind.


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