Josh Gray & Jason Erie @ The Record Exchange – April 16, 2019

So it’s been a while since the record exchange has had shows. Owner Sam decided to hand off ownership of the Silver Spring location so he could center himself at the Frederick store. When he was first back he told me he had plans for shows again. It’s a positive and encouraging space for musicians to play acoustic. Back in the day my old band thenewseasons even played it electric, but it was pretty loud and a bit cramped with the limited amount of space in the back. Hopefully this will be the first in a string of shows to happen here as any solid place for musicians to play in Frederick is a good one.

Jason Erie (Nashville) – Soulful folk with a dash of old-time country. Clean finger-picked/strummed acoustic guitar and a powerful voice full of depth and emotion – beaten but not broken down – twangy but just the right amount. A great songwriter who excels as a storyteller.

Josh Gray (Nashville) – A former Frederick resident now in Nashville. Vintage country vibes with darkness. The songs roll along with straightforward guitar strumming and hammer-ons. His husky singing voice makes each song believable and heartfelt.


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