Marshal Fuzz/Endless Taile/Fuzz King @ Century (Philly, PA) – April 6, 2019

My friends in Marshal Fuzz asked if I’d be down to play a show drumming for them in Philly… I jumped at the chance. I absolutely love the band’s style/how hard they rock, plus I’ve been an Eagles fan since I was eight so going to Philly was definitely going to be an amazing experience for me.

The trip was so fulfilling in every way. Nothing can ever sum up how it feels to travel as a band – you listen to rad music the whole way, have random/funny conversations, discuss the future and life in general… and that’s just the car ride… Then you get to play in front of a crowd which is always so energizing and afterwards you get the opportunity to see other cool bands perform and make those connections that could contribute to nearly any scenario. So thanks to Brad and Suli in Marshal Fuzz for hitting me up and taking me on a stellar trip.

Century in Philly was such a fun venue. Broken instruments, drumsticks, old band posters and so much more don the walls. The space itself is essentially one long room with great sound. The layout really makes you pay attention to the bands and centers your focus on the music.

Marshal Fuzz

Endless Taile (listen)- As heavy as they are groovy. Fully of stoner/desert rock jams. They’re so tight as a unit that they can jump to any riffs and segments and the drums and bass follow suit. Ripping through each songs that are technically complicated with ease. Rad drum fills move things along, the guitar drives and the bass not only fills the sound but transports it to another dimension. And the fact that the bassist/singer is wearing a reflective silver jacket and shoes is pretty rad.

Fuzz King (listen)- A two piece with an absolutely explosive sound. Bass is driven through tons of effects as smacking drums dominate and raspy vocals full of anguish are yelled on top.


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