Sullen Brothr/Crooked Hills/Forges @ Café Nola – April 5, 2019

Sullen Brothr (listen)- Atmospheric instrumental post-rock. Most songs start delicate and then blossom as the emotion carries them. The light and airy guitar parts mend with rhythms on the ride cymbal, riding basslines and fields of sound. The songs then build and erupt until they reach their conclusion. Everything feels organic. – Be on the lookout for their first studio album coming out in a few weeks!

Crooked Hills (listen)- Loud heavy riff rock with pounding bass/drums and unforgiving yelling and screaming on top. Chunking guitars and aggressively fast beats with lots of fun fills. Breakdowns and metal riffs make them an excruciatingly great listen. A singer with an unbelievable presence and not a care in the world as he comes off stage and into the crowd or stands atop monitors fearlessly.

Forges (listen)- Fierce rock with tinges of mathy elements, but ultimately a pure driving force. Bashing cymbals and drums, straightforward cutting guitar and simple melodic basslines.


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