Silent Old Mtns. @ Café Nola – March 30, 2019

Silent Old Mtns. (listen)- Saturday night’s Silent Old Mtns. show at NOLA was to a packed crowd that was wild and rowdy. It only makes sense for a band that has been around 8 years to have developed such a staple sound and following in Frederick. The perfect concoction of band members (most of whom have other amazing projects at this point as well)- prove that their longevity strengthens the unit.

Heavenly indie sounds blend with hints of folk – It’s all drenched in occasional percussive partying, emotional “woah-oh” singalongs (cue a gutwrenching scene in a hopeless romatic’s love movie) and strange/spontaneous dialogue that amuses audiences.

An impromptu jam/take on “Shallow” from “A Star Is Born” did indeed happen.

Big thanks to Sam Whalen for the shout out on stage. I was honored 🙂


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