Chevre/Marshal Fuzz @ Café Nola – March 29, 2019

Chevre (listen)- Solid rock that’s soulful within its soft moments – jazzy drumming mixes with laid back bass, light rhythmic guitar and gentle singing from John Lawton to create a soothing atmosphere. Heartfelt harmonica from “Papa Reed” is a big highlight of the band’s sound – he also contributes vocals on songs that show the versatility of the group, including a great cover of the Allman Brothers’ “One Way Out”.

Marshal Fuzz – I’ve been amazed with this band since the first time I saw them. Suli Rahman continuously delivers riffs full of punch/ripping solos and has a voice fit for so many varieties of the rock genre. Brad Newman is always grooving ecstatically on stage; his basslines flow in their own realm just as much as they crunch together. Miles Lieder is an exact drummer with precise hard hits that drive the entire band forward as the group seamlessly transitions between songs.


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