Doublemotorcycle/Samuel Powers @ Flying Dog Brewery (March 22, 2019)

Doublemotorcycle (listen)- It’s so interesting seeing this wild band acoustic (especially when they don’t have electric acoustic guitars). Nonetheless, they still have Joe and Colin’s quirkiness but it comes out in slightly different ways. Their songs not only hold up with acoustic guitar, backing vocals and Cajun, but they take on a different life. This show was the first time I heard their parody country song which was a secret track on their newest album. Doublemotorcycle always makes you have fun.

Samuel Powers (listen)- An interesting blend of pop-punk harmonies and melodies with romantic shades of emo; A delightful combo. They had a silly time playing acoustic (shoe tambourine and all). High energy and rambunctious. (The vocals give you reminders of anything from Gin Blossoms to Yellowcard/MCR. A very talented band with many great singers.


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