Apex @ Area 31 (DaMOOD & Doublemotorcycle) + Savannah Brockhoeft & DJ Baspy (March 9, 2019)

This show was truly the rad party it was cracked up to be.

Live painting by Savannah Brockhoeft was super cool. The end result was quite amazing and it was dazzling to watch the process of an amazing artist.

DJ Baspy was great with upbeat songs – he kept the energy flowing the whole night and between each band.

I met an eccentric older gentleman named Anthony who hangs at the Eagles club a lot. He was amazing and delightful. I was a bit surprised when he kissed my cheek, but I soon learned how grateful I was to have made his acquaintance. Sometimes I’m just a little uptight and slightly uncomfortable/awkward in crowded spaces – he picked up on this. Throughout the night he made sure I was having fun and told me to unwind; it really made the experience greater than I could imagine. There’s no shame in dancing your heart out and going wild with those around you… you might even make some new friends. Thanks to Sam Whalen as well for encouraging me to bust a move on the dance floor. I’ve never been the party type before but I slowly realized that evening that partying is just about having fun, being yourself and leaving all worries behind.

Doublemotorcycle (listen)- Joe Jalette (singer and guitarist) shouted out whatisfrederick and my name during his mic check – I was honored and it was definitely a cool moment for me. Colin McGuire (drummer) was wearing what looked to be a nickelback shirt. The band’s sound was loud and trashy in this unforgiving space, though DM’s approach is along those lines anyway. Their onstage antics should be dysfunctional but they always maintain a certain chaos that’s contagious. Colin rushed through the crowd on numerous occasions, making for a truly personal performance. Many people sang the lyrics and were absolutely ecstatic to be in the audience. Ricole Barnes and DaMOOD joined in for “Feet on the Ground”, the song Ricole was featured on off of Doublemotorcycle’s newest album. Sam Whalen also joined in for what seemed to be a spontaneous singing session full of excitement and mind-bending dances.

DaMOOD (listen)- Dressed in all white. Cool backdrop projections on the wall were bright and impressive, adding a certain depth to the band’s appearance. Ricole (frontman) was in a furry white coat with a jackolantern sort of face on the back. The group provided solid rock with tinges of funk and ska… top it all off with some great rapping. Damood is an extremely tight live band – guitar, bass, trombone, keys and even stand up bass pave the way instrumentally while vocals infused in rap and dominating chants complete the picture. What I was most amazed by was how they keep the crowd energized and engaged – everyone in front was dancing and jumping like crazy (myself included).


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