The Dirty Middle @ Milkhouse Brewery (March 9, 2019)

Milkhouse Brewery is pretty cool – chill and laid back atmosphere. I know the surrounding area well having lived in Walkersville all my life. It’s super cool having places bands can play closer to these rural areas and actually have crowds. The main building has nice tables and two separate rooms. Boxcar Burgers was outside. Another heated building towards the back hosts the music. Wooden tables and benches made it cozy and such a great space for music – The sound bounces well and allows for you to be able to hear the band really well, even with loud conversations going on.

The Dirty Middle (listen) – Upbeat and straight up blues rock. Dirty and organic originals and covers. Flutters of early country and 50s/60s rock and roll mix with garage rock tendencies. Often times the band can funk it up as they’re adaptable and feel out each song for the live setting they’re in. The first time I saw The Dirty Middle was at guido’s where they did an insatiable cover of “Messin’ with the Kid” by Junior Wells (which I first knew because of the great Blues Brothers version). Their performance at milkhouse sounded incredible and singer Adrienne Smith’s howls and snarls made for a show everyone seemed to enjoy. The Dirty Middle is able to authentically deliver songs written about star trek or any other distinct subject matter that builds their characters as human beings. It’s always great to see bands that are unashamedly themselves. Justin Ehrlich is a familiar sight to those who have seen my write ups on Shadow Apparatus. Saturday night held one of the most engaged live crowds I’ve seen at a show in a while; crowd participation was wild for “Got My Mojo Working”. They also did a freaking phenomenal version of “Take Me to the River”. I dug it! – Coming from someone who spent their birthday last weekend watching the Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense” again. Another stunning cover choice was “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. The Dirty Middle are FUN…  and their guitarist uses a pringles can for a slide!



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