Flooded (Finale Show)/The Fun Boys/Ethur/Flailing/Flooring/Analog Watts/Nowns @ Guido’s Speakeasy (March 2, 2019)

The following was written by Jake Kimberley of Flooded (listen).

The Final Flooded gig was setup to be a nightmare; with 7 acts on the bill and only 4 hours to wrap everything up… but by the end of the night, it was like it never happened. (disclaimer – the most gear sharing I have ever done in a single show). It went by in a flash with every act adding a different flavor.

Analog Watts (listen) opened the show with an acoustic set, given that their drummer had recently broken his hand. They’re a wonderful combination of freak folk and power pop with lyrics that hurt your soul. Following, was Nowns (listen), a solo act with one hell of a punch. Lo-Fi, Garage rock with a ting of existential sadness – just how I like it. Act #3 was Flooring (listen), the youngest and most energetic band on the bill. Blending 90’s alt rock influence with modern sensibilities, these dudes sure know how to craft a memorable set.

Somehow, its right around 10pm and I’ve already wrapped up 3 acts in one hour. It was a fucking miracle. It’s about 10:15 and my best buds in Flailing (listen) played their first ever show in Frederick. Mathy, Doomy, Post Hardcore elegance all bending and blending together in the blink of an eye. I’ve seen this band evolve from the beginning and I’m so proud of where they have ended up. At the end of their set, I started feeling a pressure to keep things moving, seeing as the show HAD to be over by 1 AM. I did what I could to facilitate each set change, and honestly, I don’t know how I pulled it off.

After Flailing, my new friends in Ethur (listen) stepped up to the plate. Blazing hot stoner rock with some punk rock spice, and enough head banging to make MY neck hurt.

Ethur’s set was over, and it was time for the infamous FUN BOYS (listen). How do you even describe them? They remind me a lot of Foxy Shazam, with  (strangely enough) some HEAVY post-hardcore mutterings thrown in and enough stage antics to make your head spin. You just have to experience them for yourself and I 100% recommend that you. Their set was coming to a close and It was time for Flooded to go on.


It was about 11:50 and we hadn’t even started putting our gear together. I started to feel anxious and a little sad. It was the last time for the foreseeable future that I would be sharing the stage (or floor) with these people whom I love and cherish. By the time we finished setting up and tuning for the 100th time, we were off. Not captured in the video was a cover of Song 2 by BLUR with Calvin from Analog Watts joining in on lead vocal – That was enough to get the place on their feet. It went by in a flash and we played our final note at 1:04 AM. They wanted an encore, but the bar, respectfully, cut us off. I couldn’t believe the night was over. I kept thinking to myself “Man, I’m gonna miss this” while trying my best to remain present and cherish every moment. Regretfully, we never got a picture together, but the memory of that night will be burned into my brain until I die. I love music and all of the people that I’ve met because of it. Thank you for the support – see you around.

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