TxBxDx, The Xiles & Doc Rotten @ Guidos Speakeasy (February 22, 2019)

What a great lineup of awesome punk bands.

TxBxDx – Jolting rhythms and riffs lead into speedy jams with shouted lyrics and the power of 3 vocals (2 being unstoppable females). Always rolling forward with the utmost steadiness – the band is tight and on time; they make you bounce and move along.

The Xiles – Aggressive and loud guitar/bass mix with straightforward heavy drums. Sheer intensity and crowd moshing is led by the energetic and fearless singer Zephyr (jumping so high that he nearly hit a ceiling tile). There was an amazing response to their covers: Circle Jerks “Wild in the Streets” and Dead Kennedys “Holiday in Cambodia”.

Doc Rotten (Trenton, NJ) – Concise and solid songs with an organic flow and feel. Raspy vocals control the picture. The band has a strong and professional stage presence. It’s hard to believe bands like these can roll through guido’s… They’re clearly well versed (bass and drum breakdowns/crowd participation (heys) get everyone involved and into the performance. Songs dive right into the next. Audio and light malfunctions at guido’s are almost always a given, but in cases like this show it just created some fun spontaneity; When a headlight went out, Jon Bolling held a flashlight over as a spotlight (it actually created quite a cool effect)


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