Podcast Episode 1: Matt John & Suli Rahman (Lunchbox Productions) + Brad Newman, JB Dunn and Colton Brady

So at the Heartbreaker’s Ball (House Cat Brewing) show I was asked by Matt and Suli to host an interview for their production company Lunchbox Productions. I saw this as a good opportunity to finally start the “What Is Frederick? Podcast”.

This being the first episode there were many lessons learned: recording a podcast in a loud space is very difficult and you have to remind guests to keep the microphone close. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and the recording blossomed into a variety of guests (Brad Newman, JB Dunn and Colton Brady) coming to the mic to discuss Frederick music.

In this episode you’ll hear:
– Matt John and Suli Rahman discussing Lunchbox Productions and falafel
– Brad Newman discussing open mic nights
– JB Dunn on the importance of the music scene getting involved in local government
– Colton Brady about work injuries and much more


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