Heartbreaker’s Ball @ House Cat Brewing (Marshal Fuzz, Shadow Apparatus, Antonio Fato, Young Skittles, Evan Matthew Delsack) – February 16, 2019

House Cat Brewing is cool. First off, the parking situation in this part of town is great. House Cat has board games on the tables and chill couch spots. It was the perfect place for a sporadic and fun live podcast (the 1st for What Is Frederick)- coming soon… Many cat paintings are hanging around, even a massive mural of cats In UFOs (painted by Virginia Warwick. Overall it’s an awesome space.
People were having a good time the whole night. And there was an actual cat there! 🙂

Marshal Fuzz – Rocking, funky, jammy… Marshal Fuzz is entertaining and adaptable. Their sound at House Cat was the best I’ve heard them (thanks to JB Dunn for running it). Suli’s (Guitarist and Singer) deep raspy voice cuts through and he can really shred on guitar. The band consists of Miles Lieder with his precise drumming and Brad Newman on bass with endless tone. The group engages crowds with interesting covers like a brilliant version of Queens of the Stone Age “Feel Good Hit of The Summer”- A Marshall Fuzz original declares: “I’ve been down, time to get up now”

Shadow Apparatus – Fierce punk with some poppy vocal harmonies. A certain heaviness is combated with their sensibility/being able to feel out a song. Matt John’s vocal is forceful and more harsh while Colton Brady’s is crisp and clear. The drums deliver the punch to top it off.

Antonio Fato – Cool twisted folk songs/transformative covers) Acoustic guitars, violin and electric bass lead the group’s sound. This is the second time recently I’ve heard a cover of the Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer”; This one had violin and a great bit of vibrato from the singer – A very unpredictable live unit. They’re kooky and create their own sound. More eclectic covers included Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” and Soft Cell “Tainted Love”. Just when I thought I had the unit figured out I was shocked by their cool cover of Gorrillaz “Feel Good Inc”- Complete with the rap and all. Bizarre in a good way

Young Skittles – Pure unadulterated fun in rap with lots of comedic references and wordplay. He’s quick and witty. “Do you feel it now Mr. krabs?” – Lines like this show how he doesn’t take himself too seriously as he dons crazy sunglasses and a rainbow shirt while referencing Spongebob. Some of his other lines include: “I just wanna eat your pussy cause I got a sweet tooth” – “You always clean your plate but bitch you never do your dishes” – “snorting coke off her ass, this is my blow back”. “You look lost, are you trying to find Nemo?” The best element of the live show is hilarious dialogue between songs -“Don’t clap for that song, it’s a shame”
Listen to Young Skittles on Soundcloud

Evan Matthew Delsack – Serene acoustic songs with light and airy vocals. The songs kind of have a Cat Stevens singer-songwriter vibe.


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