R.I.P. Frederick Playlist? (Uncertain Future for the Frederick Music Site)

With the 5th annual (possibly final) Frederick music showcase at the Weinberg Center this Thursday, I wanted to reflect on the announcement that Colin McGuire will be stepping down from Frederick Playlist duties. Thanks for all you’ve done, Colin! Read more here: https://frederickplaylist.com/2019/02/07/hello-i-must-be-going/

As many of you know, Frederick Playlist has done so much for the Frederick music scene: Reviews, podcasts, the one take series, weekend playlist, The Thing and the Frederick music showcase were all because of the website. I was personally influenced so much by everything the site accomplished and saw an opportunity to possibly expand on it.

My desire to create “What Is Frederick?” was largely because I often heard from so many people around town that they had no idea about any concerts/cool events that we’re going on. Frederick Playlist had the weekend playlist which would be posted every Friday and list what was going on that weekend. I wanted to expand on that idea, and as of today the site now has an events page! The goal is too compile all the events I can IN ONE PLACE. A major factor in keeping these rad shows happening is to get the community involved.

Frederick playlist’s future is uncertain, but one thing’s for sure… those around the area who are passionate about music will always be looking for new ways to keep the music scene thriving. I hope I can help by doing my part with “What Is Frederick?”.

Lastly, here are a few goals I have for the What Is Frederick website in the near future.

  • Find a cast of contributors who can add even more awesome content! (Articles, interviews, phots, etc.) Contact whatisfrederick@gmail.com
  • Add band/artist pages to the site (a Frederick music wikipedia of sorts)
  • More cool giveaways

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