Although/Spooled Up/Northern Gloom @ Guido’s (February 8, 2019)

Sometimes you wonder if anyone is noticing what you’re doing. You know, truly appreciating what you’re driving to do and what you believe in doing even if no one is. Well tonight was the motivation to keep going stronger than ever. An undisclosed person who I’d seen in a rad band a few years ago introduced himself at this show.. He said he loved the site, reads everything I post and just wanted to fanboy to me. I was really speechless. My passion has always been music in every form. I saw the opportunity to try and further community engagement and knowledge in the Frederick scene by creating this website. I do it because I love it and I’m so glad it’s garnering a few fans.

Onto the show!

Although (Frederick) – Ferocious hard rock with melodic indie surprises. Vocals full of groaning and unfiltered rage. Drawn out instrumental sections have the adaptability and breathing room of early Dinosaur Jr and never hold back. Bass/guitar lead parts intermingle as the drums thrash in sync. “Every day is exactly the same but when I look away everything has changed”


Spooled Up (Baltimore)- Relentless twangy/fuzzy guitar relying heavy on whammy bar mixes with straightforward bass and rockin beats in a simple drum kit setup (p.s. I’ve never seen a more cracked hi hat) A perfect indie rock flavor. Dual vocals trade off and leave no empty space. It doesn’t get more full sounding than this band…  And wow, that lead guitar sound is something extraordinary. (you know a band is going for it when you see some *dust* falling from the guido’s ceiling)


Northern Gloom (Harrisburg, PA) – They definitely do the name justice. Dark gloomy tunes – alternative post-punky stuff reminiscent of early 80’s post-punk with a bit of a yelly edge. The band is truly a bit out of time and it adds to their appeal. They don’t need a genre with the word revival slapped on the end… they take their influences and create something that isn’t being played today musically. Sidenote: They played a killer cover of “Ahead” by Wire.

So Flooded also played this show. Unfortunately I had to get going before they came on, but you’ll be seeing a good bit of them later on. Their last show before an extended hiatus will be a spectacular lineup (The Fun Boys, Ethur, Flailing, Flooring, Analog Watts, Nowns) at Guido’s on March 2nd.


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