(Review) – Stitch Early – When The Sky Cracks

Stitch Early is a hip hop artist from Frederick. “When The Sky Cracks” is his third release – it came out February 1st, 2019. Its release will be accompanied with a show at New Spire Stages on Febrauary 22nd! Below is a review.

“Intro” – A man getting up in the morning, grunting –  audio from a TV playing – water running for a shower.

“The Day After” – A cool drumline beat evolves into a sort of R&B dream. Some of my favorite lines:  “motivation for my inner Rambo” – “even when the skies are gray I find a way to make it to the blue”

“Pocket Check” – Reflects on the value of inspiration as opposed to monetary influence – The process of growing and learning that money doesn’t build character and who you are as a person. “Hilarious, now ain’t it? How often we complainin’, when what we want we can obtain if we stop underaimin’”.

A few tracks of miscellaneous audio lie between every few songs. “Missed Call From Chris” contains a call discussing a possible location for a music video. “Hey Papi” is a call from his Grandma. “This Guy Stitch” is probably the most impactful in creating a mood around the song that follows it (“Boogeyman”.)

“Say It Again” – Starts with a funky/jazzy sample that breaks apart in static fuzz. The track transforms into a heavy hitting beat that often distorts, building the intensity. This song is by far the “banger” on the album. Stitch Early’s flow is speedy, steady and on track in the verses and is followed by a simple and memorable chorus “Encore – moment of silence but all they say is they want more”.

“Sweet T + Le Canvas” (two songs in mashup) – “Sweet T” – Charged emotion. A break down of clever lines about his wife “My son is yours – I like your style, I like your then I like your now, I like your smile, I like your when I like your how..” Noise transitions into “Le Canvas” which is slightly abrupt.

“All Times Hers” – The female singing feature truly makes the song shine. Soulful guitar/bass and light percussive drumming dominate the soulful rap performance. The fadeout is a brilliant touch.

“The Lox” – Starts off with a humorous line drawing across the point of things people do when they think no one will notice. “I pick a booger and flick it, and I stick it under chair because no one looks under there”. The rest of the song reflects on the weight many try to have on the world financially. The shouted and catchy chorus of “Money, power, respect” makes it the most accessible song across all rap audiences.

“Gorilla Baboon Funk” – A bit of a techno/video game sound produced makes for a fun listen.

“Boogeyman” – Lessons learned in making every day count. “Time keeps passing us by – Then the moment’s gone in a blink, it keeps moving on”
“With every breath that I’m taking, make sure there’s purpose in the moves that I’m making – rewrite my wrongs and fill whatever’s vacant” This track is possibly the most influential in motivating the listener.

“WTSC” – The punky/garage sound that embraces the title song/chorus is rad. “When The Sky Cracks” is yelled out on top of a punchy funk drum beat and bouncy bassline. The song definitely ends the album on a high note.

Overall, the album is an awesome listen. Stitch Early’s old school hip-hop style mixed with his constant passion to inspire and create meaningful music results in his strongest work to date.



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