(Review) Sunniva – When I Leave My Body

sunniva“When I Leave My Body” is the second release by Frederick, MD based band Sunniva. It came out today: February 1st, 2019.

“An Idea” starts the EP with punchy guitar, masterful reverb vocal production and is crystal clear sonically. This is a song you’ll wanna hear in some good headphones. Soulful singing and right on key. This song is groovy and dreamy. Lots of ghost notes within the drumming make it more complex and fun and the basslines are perfectly felt out naturally.

“Fall Away” has masterful bass, jazzy drumming and a totally different vocal approach; this time gentle frailty on verses and straight from the gut choruses. The track combines so many different genres – already making the EP hard to pin down and categorize.

“King Syrup” drives with guitar and keyboard pulsing. The band’s lyrics and hooks are appealing to the ear, even if they’re not necessarily defined as catchy. A defining factor in many of these songs is the group’s ability to jam and blend into funky dance numbers.

“Mistakes” proves again the singing power and seamlessly brilliant high notes that often are the centerpieces of each song.

Sunniva’s second EP shows a lot of promise into their future. The group has developed their melodic jams and sincere vocals with tinges of funk, jazz, R&B and even psychedelia to create their own concoction of indie.

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