COFR/The Escape Artist/Mad Meg @ Café Nola (January 27, 2019)

This show was a prime example of the musical diversity you can find at Cafe Nola in just one night.

COFR – Instrumental duo with jazzy and funky jams that flow very organically. The two members are completely in sync. The keyboard sounds often emulate that great 70s Rhodes sound (very clean and clear) like steely dan. The drum beats are heartfelt and genuine. This is just the right amount of jam in a band (just enough to be astray from being too thought out and way before going off the deep end).

The Escape Artist (DC/Frederick) – Jeff and Wanda from The Meer/Maulrat in another project. A long drone dream is the first song – A bit dreamy, spacey and atmospheric. The next song transforms abruptly into heavy riff rock with three guitarists. Soft airy vocals overlay on top of tight rim shot drumbeats. The band has a really interesting flow and switches vibes between songs, though most do contain that shoegazey reverb guitar and dynamic basslines that are the soul of each song, whether they end up louder or not.

Mad Meg (New York) – This is a wacky group. Wild lyrics and funky jam rhythms on drum and bass – add some flavorful drawn out keyboard notes and you’re set. This band knows what it means to get down. The singer has that weird David Byrne frontman power and totally dominates – his energy is contagious. Chants and woos make this band pure fun. They have a unique sound that is so exciting to hear live. – The band has even toured Russia extensively.. so cool to have them in Frederick.


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