Nicholas Pare` @ Linganore High School – January 11, 2019

Nicholas Pare` is a student at Linganore High School by day, but at night he’s a Rockstar in training. Pare` has been playing music since he was 11. Recently he’s honed his craft at Maryland Institute of Music in Hagerstown. Pare` says that the institute is “a great place for musicians of any age.” and highly recommends it to anyone who’s looking to begin or continue their musical journey.

“Memory” is Pare`’s first solo album; its release on January 11th coincided with a release show at Lignanore High School. Below you’ll find a short Q+A as well as a review of the show and pictures.

Nicholas Pare (Far Left)

Q: What made you decide to put out your first solo album?

A: I really wanted to enjoy writing my own music.

Q: Who were your biggest musical influences?

A: I like 80s rock and I’m a big fan of John Sykes and Marty Friedman.

Q: What’s your earliest memory of music?

A: My earliest memory was hearing my dad play guitar when I was little.

Q: How did you write the songs for the album?/How did you decide what musicians you’d use?

A: I wrote the songs for the album during a year and a half time frame. I decided to use local musicians who I had worked with previously. I knew they were all top notch players, and it would show on the album.

Q: What are your favorite show experiences so far?

A: My favorite show experience is being able to bring happiness to people.

Q: What have you learned from releasing your own album?

A: The biggest thing I have learned during the release of this album is how much time and effort goes into a record. Also, you need to work with great people in order to have a great result. Luckily I was working with some of the best.

Now onto the show…

Nicholas Pare (far left) and his band

I must say upon entering Linganore High School I was very impressed by the school and auditorium itself, not to mention the array of lights and band setup that graced the stage and made it feel like a permanent rock venue.

Weeks before the show, Pare` encouraged folks to come to the show and show everyone that “Rock Ain’t Dead”. Well, Nicholas, with the amazing crowd attendance and overall excitement in the room last night I can say that you’re one of the young musicians keeping it alive.

Pare` was joined by a band comprised of his dad (Bob Pare`) as well as other Ever Rise members and experienced musicians.

His original songs are full of 80s sound and aim for the hard rock genre with driving riffs and blistering guitar solos backed up by a dominating rhythm section.

Pare`s stage moves and persona are well developed and quite astonishing for a kid who’s still in school, let alone any rocker. The trademark long hair only tops it all off.

The night is filled with fun as the original songs go over well in the packed room as well as magic moments that you just can’t predict, such as: The crowd rising to its feet in a singalong of Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” or a spontaneous and unexpected version of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”.

My personal favorite was the heavy and perfectly executed “Man In The Box” by Alice in Chains.

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