D$ Farewell Show @ Guido’s (Dee Calhoun, Byrgan, Rebreather) – December 15, 2018

Dustin Davis’ B-day/Farewell show before moving to Portland had a heck of a lineup. It happened to coincide on the same night as Cheshi’s farewell show so I was only able to catch the first three bands. Upon asking Davis what he’d miss most about Frederick, he replied,  “The thing I will miss most is definitely my Guido’s family and the heavy music family we have. Its more than a music community. We all take care of each other if we’re ever in need. And they’ve been there for me over and over again.”

Thanks for everything you’ve done for the music scene and for booking such awesome shows, Dustin.

Dee Calhoun – Chunky acoustic guitar riffs and dynamic electric bass parts are propelled by Calhoun’s raspy and husky Dio-like vocals. The lyrical content is dark and often bares resemblance to 90s grungey bands. Everything makes sense and there are no unnecessary extras; just some pure good solid and heavy rock. Calhoun has an amazing ability to draw out dominating vocal notes. The highlight for me was the innovative and felt out bass parts.

Byrgan – This band is loud and fierce while doing it in a very dynamically different from other bands in the doom style. Each note is held out and develops more intensity in their sound. They play each instrument with hard precision rather than beating them up. Vocals are long and drawn out in a low tone; almost chanting. This is the sort of music you’d expect to hear in the depths of darkness with monster guitar and bass tone and cracking drums.

Rebreather- Vicious (This is all I had put in my notes before I left for the Cheshi show and I have to say that it holds up)


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