Baby Razors/Little Lungs/Mess @ Guidos – December 7, 2018

Baby Razors – Sans vocalist, they encouraged any volunteers to sing. Sadly no one took them up on the opportunity. The band combines fierce power chord rock and hard hitting drums with melodic bass; distortion is a sidekick. Punky 90s nirvana-like alt jams result in spastic pitch-bending guitar solos. Throw in some mild Pixies influence for good taste. The band is a tight unit and Matt Henry (also of Cosmic Halitosis) shows the variety in his playing while staying in the vein of the grunge genre.

Little Lungs – Calculated tempos and soft drowned vocals make for some emotional rock. It seems like there needs to be a new word for indie or alternative as bands like these have such a wide range of influences and it seems ridiculous to pigeonhole them. Downer lyrics and dissonant guitar parts make Snail Mail sort of magic with a lot of twist. A wide open melodic intro can lead into a compressed riff-driven rocker. Catchy single note lead guitar parts make for an all around good time as the singer lets it all out. Finger picked reverb guitar parts remind one of Yuck’s “Get Away”. This band is so naturally together.

Mess – A 90s-influenced alternative mix. Simple chords with hammer-ons and buried vocals during verses head to more drawn out frustrated vocals in choruses. The band often leads into a rampage of drums but maintains a controlled chaos. Heaviness can come as a surprise as they come crashing full force into heavy rock without warning. There are no subtle build ups for Mess.. they’ll go straight from softer parts right into full fledged raspy and yelly vocals. They know how to get loud.


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