Shadow Apparatus/Marshal Fuzz/The Fun Boys @ Café Nola – November 21, 2018

Shadow Apparatus – Post punk jams with angsty vocals produce songs like “Fuck Mondays”. Synchronized yet sporadic drumbeats mix with syncopated bass and guitar riffs. They’re primarily energetic but also know hot settle into an emotional downer anthem. Pop-punky harmonies complete the picture.

Marshal Fuzz – Twisted and dark blues rock with a garage/punky edge. Ferocious guitar, punchy drums, chunky basslines and a louder and often growly voice that cuts right through. This band knows how to lay down a jam and feel it out. Every member delivers a vicious attack making it impossible for an audience not to notice. Guitar solos provide more slam and energy rather than being obligatory. They deserve the word fuzz in their name and they truly match the alternative genre.

The Fun Boys – The band creates chaotic and spastic rock of all kinds; Energy is their second-nature. Heavy and loud, screamy and shouty, and an explosion of sound. Singer Sam Whalen is constantly engaging with the crowd and running around with wild moves and antics. Every member is a pure jokester at heart transporting silly lyrics and bits of comedy throughout. The band is truly incendiary.. even delivering a thrilling and unexpected cover of the Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”. This is where live music reaches it’s full potential with entertainment value.



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