Carroll Creek Lighted Boats (Sailing Through the Winter Solstice)

Have you seen the amazing lighted boat display along Carroll Creek? Check out the video of the launch/a night walking tour featuring the array. Plus, Here’s a Q+A with Pete Kremers from Sailing Through the Winter Solstice, who made it all possible. (Pictures at the end of the article as always).

Q: What inspired the idea to have the boats on the creek?
A: I have always enjoyed the ‘Parade of Lights’ boat events that are common in many ocean side cities, like Annapolis and Providence, during the holidays. They are typically limited to one night though, and subject to inclement weather. It occurred to me that Carroll Creek might be an ideal venue for a similar but longer running seasonal event.
Q: How many years has it been going on?/How many boats have been added over the years?
A: This is the third year. It began with one boat – Stargazer, in 2016. Last year, we had 7 boats in the creek and one atop Brewer’s Alley – the Land Shark. This year we will have 10 boats in the creek and 2 boats on land.
Q: When does work on the boats begin?/How long does it take to complete them?
A: It is variable! The boats are all made by volunteers so the pace of construction differs from team to team. Some groups work over a period of 6 months, while one of the boats was literally fashioned in less than a week from a pre-existing shell. I wouldn’t try that unless you really know what you are doing! (He did!)
Q: What is the main goal/vision of the boats?
A: The primary purpose is to provide some light and joy along the creek during the dark winter months, after the beauty of the water garden has faded. Additionally, we are using this as an opportunity to raise money for Frederick-based charities. Each boat has a sponsor who chooses which charities to support in the name of their boat. We have a program where the public can ‘vote for a boat’, found on; $1 buys one vote, and all proceeds go to non-profits. The winning boat raises the most money for charity. The winner will be announced at a party at McClintock’s Distillery on February 9th, which will be open to the public.
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