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Mr. Husband is a musician in the Frederick area that demands your listening attention. He’s put out some of the most engaging releases and is one of the most interesting people around. His styles range from lo-fi bedroom indie to classic country and more. Here is an interview with him.

Q:Where did the name “Mr. Husband come from?

A: momma and diddy

Q: You’re always developing your own style. How do you decide upon your wardrobe choices?

A: Einstein said “if you wear the same thing everyday then you a genius like me” and so I picked a dashing ensemble that works on all occasions and I stick with it 110% of the time. That’s my money back Kinny guarantee.

Q: How did you find your sound?/What bands/artists influenced you?

A: I believe in that “10,000 hours” thing where you gotta put in the time to become a master. I got about 560 more hours before I truly master my sound. I think the hubby sound is a salty gumbo of Vince Guaraldi, The Beach Boys, Nick Drake, the Clientele, Hawaiian music, and old country music like Hank Williams and George Jones.

Q: You are frequently releasing new material, including two releases this year. Why maintain this consistency in today’s music age?

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A: The truth is that I am prolific in a natural way. I channel songs from the 4th dimension. Things keep coming and coming and they pile up. If I let my recordings sit around I get sick of them and waste them so I am working harder in my old age to release more of the material I write in interesting and economical ways. Most recordings are just fruit on the vine and you gotta get it our there before it rots or you have stifled the spirit of truth and wonderment that flows through all things and that is not a good thing, man.

Q: Your new album is titled “Ocean Pines”. Here are two questions from your self-proclaimed number one fan (Zack Willis from Middle Kid).

Zack: How does it feel to release a tape that is so unlike any of your previous releases, and what led you to give these songs to the public? I.e. Ocean Pines is a lot more stripped down and purely a solo venture, obviously, but all of the lyrics in it are way more vulnerable and emotional.

A: Hey Zacky Boi. It feels really good, thank you. “Ocean Pines” is a capital “H” Hubby record through and through and as more time passes that will become more clear. The first two hubby records only represent one side of many-sided Kinny. “Ocean Pines” opens the door to a new window of perception and wonderment but contains the same kinny spirit that is alive in all hubby records.

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Zack: A follow up to the last question: What does the vulnerability and raw emotion of these songs mean in contrast to the more over-the-top Mr. Husband persona expressed in previous releases?

A: The first two hubby records are like the start and the middle of an awesome party at my house. We are cracking jokes and horsing around like crazy and it is also very chill. “Ocean pines” is like the end of the party where most people are gone and we have a nice intimate conversation where the masks come off and we say some real stuff in an effort to reach out to our fellow humans across the frigid and infinite breach between the solitary stations that are our lone souls ……forever reaching…

Q: You recently held an art show at Cafe 11:11 called “The Secret Works of Mr. Husband”. What brought on this event?/Why were they secret?

A: Like J.M.W. Turner once said “I could feel in my heart that it was finally time to have an art show”. My works were secret for many years, garage dwellers…suitcase stowaways…. and when they finally saw the light of day they begged for their patience to be acknowledged so I told the tale of their secret years…yearning… hiding in the darkness….

Q: Can we expect another art show?

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A: prolly

Q: How long have you been producing art/How long have you been producing music? What are the differences in each field? Do you like either one better?

A: I have been making art and music since I was very very young but, unlike music, I never felt compelled to share visual art. It didn’t feel natural. But over the years some of the visual things I made started to have a noticeable thread running through them and once I saw this thread and felt like I maybe I had a voice of my own, albeit lo-fi and childlike, It just felt natural to have a show.

Q: What can we expect from Mr. Husband in the future?

A: More hubby records, more friendship, more wonderment.

Q: Anything you would like to say to the people/fans?

A: Yes. To the people reading, I hope that you will have a wonderful day. I’m rooting for you.

Your brother in friendship and wonderment,


(But that’s Mr. Husband 2 U !!)

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