Middle Kid’s Zack Willis/Grayling (Philly)/I’m Glad It’s You (California)/Silent Old Mtns.’ Andrew Bromhal @ 11:11 Cafe – October 17, 2018

What do you expect to hear at a DIY show hosted at a cafe besides a joking conversation about Dave from Dave’s Killer Bread. Zack Willis exclaimed, “Man, I wonder how much he would charge to be booked on a show… THIS DUDE SHREDS, LOOK HOW JACKED HE IS… and what a mustache! (pointing at the logo on the packaging and)… I hope he’s not a real person, this man could never live up to my expectations”.

My mind always seems to expand when I’m eavesdropping at these kinds of shows…. Though I like to look at it as more of myself trying to capture the feeling and atmosphere of concerts through the interesting dialogue you’ll hear.


The Frederick music community really tries its best to really and support touring bands who come into town with the hopes they’ll get a few new fans while making enough money to cover the bare minimum of traveling expenses between a suggested $5 door charge donation and their merch. Despite odds being very against them, the bands continue to come. It’s I’m constantly liberated by the passion of people/bands who come from all over the globe just to express themselves through live music in Frederick, MD.

Do yourself a favor and get out to more shows. We’re lucky to have so much music surrounding us and you’ll experience feelings like no other.

Zack Willis from Middle Kid (Frederick, MD)

Zack Willis


Before the show starts, there is music playing on a little speaker in the corner of the cafe. No one can figure out how to turn it off and no one is sure where the owner went, so Zack calls on everyone to sit in chairs up close and around him in the little nook space the gear is set up in.

Wielding an acoustic guitar, he begins the set and ignores the plugged in microphone (given our close proximity to him) and opts to belt out his singing in the reflective space given.

Dissident yet melodic chords mingle with his subtle shaky vocals full of emotional honesty. He utilizes the full range of the indie genre, showing true colors in only moody and slightly downer anthems but also upbeat folkier numbers. Cutting deep into vulnerability, the music makes you feel a depth of emotions.

Grayling (Philly)




Typically a band, they announced this was one of the first duo shows they had done.

The ipod driven drum machine powered the duo, but it would be hard to call that a weak point. Soft-spoken airy vocals often dive into choruses of anguish and remorse. Powerchord powerpop and a layer of unbelievably simple guitar leads provide a punchy drive. The harmonies between the two braoden the potential of their sound.

Thriving in a style reminiscent of Frankie Cosmos.

I’m Glad It’s You (California)

I’m Glad It’s You



Melodious guitar picking with reverb induced fields of sound. Often-buried low pitch vocals follow deeply in the dreampop/bedroom genre tradition. Perfect road trip music to put you in a trance looking at scenery.

Shrill bouncy riffs create an eclectic dimension of electric sound. Melancholic singing with remorseful lyrics and bits of punky jams.

The slower atmospheric songs seem to be where most of his talent shines, though he’s clearly well established in the comforting repetition in the unique blended guitar parts he creates.

Andrew Bromhal from Silent Old Mtns.

Andrew Bromhal

Rolling fingerpicking and folky guitar sounds mix with his croaky yet smooth voice. This is the music you’d hear at a pivotal point in any indie movie.

He has an extensive range and is able to hit all the lows while still managing more subdued notes.

Truly a perfect fit for the alternative genre as it’s so hard to classify his/Silent Old Mtns. work under one roof sometimes.

Do yourself a favor and catch the next Silent Old Mtns., full band show you can, I can only describe it as a truly wild and fun listening experience.

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