Interview: Seaknuckle | Band | Frederick, MD

Seaknuckle is perhaps one of the most intriguing bands in the Frederick music scene, listing themselves under the thrash-pop genre on bandcamp. The band consists of Jon Phelps (Guitar and Vocals), Joe Jalette (Guitar and Vocals), Matt Dabson (Bass and Vocals), and Colin Shultzaberger (Drums and Vocals).

I interviewed guitarist and vocalist Jon Phelps on the band’s history, the story behind the name, and the future plans for the band.

Q: How did Seaknuckle form and how long have you been together now?

A: Seaknuckle, the entity, has existed for a meager 18 months. But what’s time really, man?

Q: What’s the story behind the name Seaknuckle?

A: Colin, our drummer, had a dream that the supernatural tool used to build the great pyramids using sound technology was called “a seaknuckle”. I’m not kidding. I don’t understand him sometimes either. Great name though.

Q: If you had to describe your sound in one word what would it be?

A: Majick

Q: What makes Seaknuckle different from other bands?

A: Majick,

Q: Who are some of your big musical influences?

A: I’m going to answer for my bandmates without asking them and see how mad they get at me. COLIN- Frank Zappa, some tribe with log xylophones in the Amazon somewhere. MATT- Notorious B.I.G., James Jamerson of Motown. JOE- Anton Newcombe, Wes Anderson soundtracks. Me- Nina Simone and every British band ever.

Q: What music do you currently have released? When do you plan to have your next release done?

A: We have a 4 song E.P. called Nailed It available on itunes, spotify, and bandcamp.  Right now we are in the mixing process for our debut full length album. We’re going to release our first single called “Shake Shake Shake” early this summer.

Q: What inspires your songs?

A: Lyrically, destroying capitalism, babes, hunks and love.

Q: Who goes about making the artwork and logos for the band? How would you explain the image you’re trying to portray?

A: Matt’s lady, Kristi, designed our monster and EP artwork. She also crocheted a 10 foot tall anatomically accurate bear, so the sky’s the limit.

Q: What are you trying to accomplish as a band?

A: I’m completely confident, Myles, our eccentric producer and manager would say, “TAKE OVER THE WORLD” without a single sense of irony. I want to not ever have to have a stupid job again. Oh yeah, end game: PLAY GLASTONBURY.

Q: What has been your favorite experience as a band so far?

A: This one time we invented a game where you had to catch leaves as they were falling from the trees and then eat them, thus taking on the leaves’ power. No one ever successfully ate them because it’s disgusting but we kept trying. That was violently hilarious. Since we haven’t toured the country yet I’d say playing our hometown to a packed house and everybody dancing and fighting is always good fun.

Q: Has Seaknuckle accomplished what you wanted to accomplish in the beginning?

A: We straight never satisfied. Know what I mean?

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: Get our EP online, go to, like our dumbdumb facebook page, and get pumped up for our upcoming album and single coming soon.

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