Interview: Max Collins | Eve 6 | Bassist/Vocalist


Max Collins is best known for being the bassist and lead vocalist of
Eve 6. This year he released his first solo album hoping to start a new
chapter in his music career.

“I figured that now was the time to open myself up to solo career,”
Collins said. “Whether you feel it or not you just have to open yourself
up to it. You have to learn to be inspired by your inner creativity.”

Collins was able to make this album through the support of his fans
on Pledgemusic. “It is nice with today’s technology to have direct
access to my fans,” Collins said. “Social media keeps everyone in the
loop of what I am doing at any given time.”

When asked how Collins first got into music, he said, “I was thirteen
when I got my first bass guitar. A friend of my mom was just throwing
it out. I was already obsessed with rock n’ roll as a kid, so I decided
to give bass a try.”

Collins’ rock n’ roll obsession all started with one song. “’Running
Down a Dream’ by Tom Petty really moved me,” Collins said. “It was like
magic. After that, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.”

Early influences for Collins came mostly through the radio. “I
listened to a lot of classic rock stations growing up,” Collins said.
“Later on I discovered punk rock and it was as if I found a new
identity. Punk opened a whole new world and subculture to me.”

Singing came to Collins later on. “I didn’t realize I could sing,”
Collins said. “One day I suggested a vocal idea to the band and really
heard myself sing for the first time. It was instantly suggested that I
should take over on vocals.”

Collins followed a simple pattern that he encourages other young
bands to follow as well. “Just do your own thing,” Collins said. “Fame
is a series of happy accidents, and all you can do is keep going deeper
and working harder.”

Aside from music Collins likes to indulge in yoga. “It seems to
really help the music,” Collins said. “Yoga opens you up in a lot of
ways, and your creativity definitely benefits.”

When asked how Collins continues to find his job as a musician
exciting, he said, “It’s tedious at some points, but the overall
feelings and experiences it creates are well worth it.”

Collins encourages any music lovers to purchase his new album at the link below.

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